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We are providers of professional information management training courses. We provide high quality training delivered by professionals with real experience in operational environments. We engage in a partnership with our clients to ensure they get the maximum benefit from the training that we provide.

We provide training which covers the whole spectrum of information management from analysis of information requirements to intelligence delivery methods by report or presentation. i2i has a stong interest in helping clients understand and improve the flow of information within their organisations so that they can operate as efficiently, effectively and successfully as possible.

Available courses

The following courses follow the intelligence cycle model and are available as individual courses or packages according to the specific requirements of the client:

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We believe that Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is a process not a product. 

The speed at which data and information is being generated is increasing so fast it can be hard to identify accurate and reliable sources. Even when this is achieved the amount of data and information available can be overwhelming. This whole process has to be carried out in time for the intelligence product to still be useful. 

When carried out correctly and efficiently, the OSINT process can identify and monitor the most relevant current sources of information and extract from them the most useful information in time for it to be of use. The OSINT process ensures the efficient and fast production of informative and insightful intelligence.

The OSINT process has applications in all areas of information management, including competitive and business intelligence as well as the government and private sector. This process is an integral and essential part of the larger intelligence cycle of intelligence production.

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